Finally made a blog

Finally made a blog

FB_IMG_1505773956874For quite some time my friends and family have been telling me to write a blog, because for some reason they seem to find enjoyment in my daily struggles with life.

So here it goes…the very first blog!

I am a mother to twin boys who will turn 3 in November and deep down these guys are probably the driving force for me to start blogging. There is a somewhat need for me to escape everyday stresses after being up at the crack of dawn, working all day, parenting and being as domesticated as I can etc only to find I am still not tired enough to go to bed yet, when in actual fact it’s 11.37pm and i know it starts all over again the next day…but I need to vent.

So thus my blog is born.

This is about real life issues that ordinary folks deal with, working your ass off to put food on the table only for your kids to just throw it at the walls and on the floor, dealing with relationships and friendships, dealing with stress and anxiety, dealing with shitty neighbours, balancing work and family…all the while hoping my eyebrows are at least somewhat even and that my numbers will show up on the euro millions.

If you find anything I write about entertaining or useful I will be happy with that…and can say I’ve done my bit in at least helping one person in some way or another.

I’ve been told I’m a really good agony aunt so feel free to use this platform also to vent, debate and just get it off your chest..whatever IT may be.
Just don’t forget to put the kettle on.

I’ll have mine strong with two sugars please!

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